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Mobile hot water showers for poolside, work sites, concerts, summer camps, band camps or any outdoor venue where you need to clean up!

Indianapolis mobile shower Trailer rentals
Indy Portables 8 stall mobile shower unit

Portable Shower Trailer Dimensions:

  • 32' overall length
  • 8' wide trailer and 4.5' for the stairs

Utilities Requirments:

  • Water Supply
  • 110 volt with 2 –30 amp and 1 –20 amp circuits

Shower Trailer ammenities:

  • 2 entrances into the trailer
  • 4 shower stalls with private dressing rooms
  • Vanity with 2 sinks for each side
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Propane on-demand water heaters

Portable Showers with Hot Water!

Each portable hot water shower stall has a removable hand-held shower nozzle with separate hot and cold water controls.

There is a shelf for personal items, like soap or shampoo. We include a spray soap dispenser for your convenience too!

Carmel Indiana Portable hot water showers for rent

Clean, Comfortable Hot Water Showers at Your Location!

Indianapolis Mobile Shower Rental company

Features of our Hot Water Showers

  • Individual hot and cold water control
  • Shelf for personal items and coat hooks protected from water by full length curtain
  • 20 lb. propane tank powers the hot water heater for up to 18 hours of hot water

Compact Hot Water Shower Stalls

Indianapolis area portable shower rentals

Small on the outside but big on features inside!

Not a room temperature shower! The water is heated up to 115 degrees by a propane-fueled on-demand water heater. It is fully adjustable to suit your comfort level.

The only connection needed is a garden hose to supply water for the shower.

Hot Water Showers available in multi unit setups

Hoosier Portables can set up several of our hot water showers for summer camps, band camps, race tracks or anywhere a shower is needed.

We supply the propane for heating the hot water. All you need is a water hook up and the showers are ready to go!

Carmel Indiana Portable hot water showers for rent